Build an affiliate program for your Shopify app

Competition in app space is fiercer than ever - that's why adding partnerships to your marketing mix is vital.

PartnerJam lets you easily manage affiliates and partnerships with your publishers.
Let's jam together! Free, no obligations.

No cookies

Reliable attribution

Rules for online privacy are getting more strict. Cookie-based solutions for attributing orders are no longer sufficient.

Our solution is 100% cookie-independent thus more accurate. You won't lose a single lead.

No Code

No-code setup

Add the information about your app in 3 simple steps, and we’ll cover the rest. No development effort needed.

page builder

Branded landing page

Create a uniqe landing page and attract new affiliates to it. Use a simple template to add information about your brand and partnership benefits. That’s it—now you have a beautiful, shareable page to expand your affiliate network.

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