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PartnerJam is developed by Digismoothie – a Shopify app developer and agency trusted by over 11,000 clients.









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The Story of PartnerJam

As fellow Shopify app developer, we understand the pain of managing affiliate partners manually. In 2021 we decided to fix it by developing a custom platform that would automate many processes.

We are now using PartnerJam to manage Digismoothie affiliate partners, and we are happy with the results. Same as our publishers who have access to real-time statistics about their payouts, referrals, etc.

We believe it's time to open PartnerJam to the Shopify ecosystem and improve the overall experience between the developers (advertisers) and affiliates (publishers).

Our Offices

You can usually find us at Rohanske nabrezi 678/29, 18600 Prague, Czech Republic.

Rules for online privacy are getting more strict. Cookie-based solutions for attributing orders are no longer sufficient.

Our solution is 100% cookie-independent thus more accurate. You won't lose a single lead.

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