Tomas Hermansky


November 27, 2023

Building Win-Win Relationships: Why Partnerships Matter for Shopify App Developers

These partnerships mean you help each other, promote each other, and reach more people. But how do you find these partners?

Connect with agencies and e-commerce professionals who are already using your app

First, look at your data. Find stores that use your app, and also look for third-party developers or agencies that use it. Talk to them using in-app chat services like Intercom or Crisp. Send messages to users who have your app on a development store. These users often know a lot about e-commerce and could be great partners, especially if you show them a clear page explaining your app's benefits.

Sending a message to e-commerce professionals who try your app on Shopify dev store could be a good idea.

Explore related online communities

Don't send cold emails - think about creating your own Facebook community (similar to ours, for our Czech-speaking merchants) or joining any other related to e-commerce. Look for people talking about your app or the problem it solves. If someone is already talking about your app or is even a fan, they could be good partners see this YouTube video for example.)

Quality Matters More Than Quantity

Focus on building good relationships. In our affiliate program, we found that the top 20% of our partners brought in 80% of our revenue. We build long-term relationships, let partners know about new features, and listen to their ideas. In return, we get more people using our app because these partners are happy with us.

By working with these partners, you can reach more people and find more customers. This is even more important now because the Shopify App Store is very competitive, and advertising is expensive. Having another way to get customers is vital for keeping your business strong and growing. These partnerships help both you and your partners succeed.

If you want to start your own affiliate program for your Shopify app, you can do it for free with PartnerJam, a platform made just for creating a simple but strong affiliate program for your app.